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What we do

Reworking a part or part is often the best solution.

With the opportunity to save costs, in terms of not having to manufacture the parts affected, as well as streamlining the current processes and providing valid solutions that avoid undesired consequences and other high costs. We are committed to helping you to solve possible functionality problems with your manufactured parts and components. 


We have the experience to evaluate your quality problems, facilitate communication, make recommendations and implement the best possible solutions. 


The value of rework of the non-conforming products in comparison with their disposal and replacement of stock with your client is always much less. The impact for your client is minimal, especially when faced with a possible production line shutdown. 


Among the integral solutions offered by Mandrión is the fitting and assembly of parts for the automotive industry.


This activity facilitates cost reductions for clients by means of the efficient management of the stock of assembled parts.

In addition, we offer optimisation of the capacity of the transport from the factory of origin, and greater reactivity to product or end client modifications and containment as part of production costs. Use of the latest technologies for process control, automation, measurement, and data management results in excellent levels of productivity and quality.

Mandrión has the know-how and the experience that has in recent years facilitated the expansion of assembly activities.

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Mandrión offers part polishing. This is optional conditioning to restore defective parts. 

The function of polishing is to refine the surface, eliminating marks, abrasions, spot welds, material joining lines, voids, bursts, fumes, …


At Mandrión, we polish plastics, including lamps, tulip caps, and components. We have the appropriate machines and qualified staff to produce a perfect polish and shine.

The polishing service we offer consists of several phases, including grinding or obliteration, depending on the state of the part to be restored.

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