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Who are we?

From the start, Mandrión has focussed on the development of a process of strategic search for quality.

We are a family business, founded in Barcelona, which has been offering specialised services to the automotive industry since 1985.

Our main activities centre around the inspection, polish, restoration of finished products and various reworking, ensuring final product quality.

Our on-site teams at our clients’ places of work offer a broad and effective range of solutions adapted to the requirements of the client.

Over more than 35 years, Mandrión has become synonymous with commitment and good work.


Our mission

With team spirit, professionalism and passion, we help our clients to prepare vehicles and their components for the market, as well as offering personalised solutions for the quality assurance and optimisation of processes across the value chain in the automotive industry.

Our mission is to quickly and effectively solve our clients’ quality problems. From the supply chain to the host/provider relationship, we are committed to offering solutions, thanks to our extensive network of qualified professionals.


Our policy is to provide, maintain and continually improve the services we provide to our clients, in order to achieve maximum levels of efficiency.

Our vision

MANDRION is a relevant player in the quality management and has the vision to become a recognized partner for its clients on a global level, providing assistance throughout the supply chain and solutions to all kinds of problems.

Our values

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