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What extra services do we provide?

At Mandrión, we offer a number of specialised and personalised logistics services.

The range of services is very varied, the most notable being:

  • Receipt of goods on your behalf.

  • Unloading, deconsolidation of loads.

  • Differentiated goods handling.

  • Quantitative and qualitative controls.

  • Samples.

  • Classification.

  • Temporary or permanent storage according to the customer's needs and activities.

  • Order management and administrative reception.

  • Planning 

  • Control of receipt and inspection of goods.

  • Location, issuance of documentation and/or inbound reports.

  • Printing of delivery notes, labels and invoices.

  • Preparation of loads and dispatch of goods.

  • Inventory management.

  • Efficient stock control and management.

  • Refurbishing of pallets.

  • Assembly of packages or kits.

  • Picking and preparation of daily and selective orders.

  • Packaged manuals and samples

  • Packaging and palletising.

  • Labelling and re-labelling.

Changes to packaging

We help our clients to prepare materials and products in optimal conditions for the supply to the point of assembly or manufacturing line.

We prepare the parts and parts for supply sequenced to the assembly lines.

We carry out the transfer of parts or components from the original packaging to the sequencing packaging on the assembly line, or as requested by the client.

Labelling of parts, pallets or packaging for identification in the production processes.

Strapping of packaging in accordance with the supply requirements.

Outsourcing of production processes

Mandrión offers specific production process solutions.

We offer our know-how in relation to labour and services to outsource production processes.​

At Mandrión's own facilities.

At the customer's facilities or even on the production line, if is necessary.

At facilities prepared for this purpose.

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