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Success is based on knowledge and know-how


This implies a pool of experience and knowledge that has been acquired throughout the professional career.


Know-how must be practical, useful, functional and beneficial for the development of the business. It must be a point of reference to react to any circumstance that may arise, and your application must bring positive consequences.


At Mandrion SL we have a clear commitment to confidentiality of the personal and professional data of our customers.

We are aware of the trust that customers who require our services place in us, and the discretion which the processing of such information requires .


For this reason, we are committed to the following points:

Use the information discretely. Do not disclose or communicate technical information provided by our clients​.

Prevent the copying or disclosure of this information to third parties, unless they have written approval from the other party, and only in terms of such approval.

Restrict access to the information by our employees and subcontracted workers, to the extent reasonably needed for the fulfilment of their agreed tasks.

Do not use the information or fragments thereof for purposes other than the implementation of the agreed service.

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